The TC4+ is an Arduino shield for home coffee roasters. It provides the following features:

  • 4-channel thermocouple interface.
  • 2-channel SSR drivers for AC loads, and single-channel DC driver for DC fan motors.
  • Full compatibility with TC4-based Arduino sketches and established software ecosystem.
  • Highly simplified control of popcorn machine based roasters: On-board voltage regulator and DC PWM driver allow popcorn roaster setup with just the CR3, a single DC power supply and one solid state relay.
  • Designed with a high degree of flexibility in mind. Wide range of voltage regulators supported; extra I2C headers for displays and other peripherals; retains all TC4 features and full Arduino pinout.
  • Wireless control with optional Bluetooth module.

There are two options available for ordering the TC4+. Please use the respective PayPal buttons below:

  • A kit version, which includes the PCB with surface-mount components already soldered, plus loose through-hole components for you to solder. This is the most cost-effective options, and requires a modicum of soldering skills. This comes to GBP 49 each, plus shipping.
TC4+ kit
GBP 49

  • A fully assembled version, which has all the soldering done for you, for GBP 79 plus shipping.
TC4+ assembled
GBP 79

Further to the TC4+ board itself, I can offer an Arduino UNO or compatible microcontroller, Bluetooth module and LCD display, all pre-configured with a standard aArtisan sketch. The aim of this is to make the board as accessible as possible to those who do not want to deal with Arduino flashing themselves, and to offer something similar to the old TC4C boards.

If you wish to purchase any of these, make note of the following technical details:

  • Arduino UNO will be configured with aArtisan in a standard PWM configuration. This works with DC fans, or with AC fans using an AC PWM dimmer board. It will NOT work with a ZCD and random-fire SSR - instead use an AC PWM dimmer board to control AC fans.
  • Bluetooth module and LCD display will be configured with parameters matching the Arduino.
Pre-configured Arduino UNO or compatible
GBP 33

Pre-configured bluetooth module
GBP 26

Pre-configured LCD display
GBP 21

Shipping is GBP 19 for all orders, included in the PayPal links above. For custom orders please contact me at Given that this is a one-person side project, dispatch times can vary, but will usually be within a few days. Shipping tends to take about a week within Europe, and one to two weeks to the US. As of early 2021, this can still be delayed due to COVID. Sales are through Artisanal Technologies Ltd.

TC4+ board side view