TC4+ board side view

The TC4+ board is an Arduino shield made for DIY home coffee roasters. It has all the hardware needed to control a small popcorn machine roaster, or bigger drum roasters, and is fully compatible with the TC4-based firmware and software ecosystem.

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About the TC4+.

At its core, the TC4+ enables you to do two things. First, temperature measurement of your roast, through a 4-channel thermocouple interface. Second, heater control, and if necessary control of other parameters, for optimal roast temperature. On top of that, there is a number of useful extras, like support for an optional Bluetooth module, or an on-board DC fan controller. See the ordering page for a list of the main features, or technical documentation for a quick-start guide, a detailed manual and other information.

I came here looking for the TC4…

You’re in luck! The TC4+ is made specifically to be 100% compatible with the TC4. It’s a reimplementation of everything the TC4 does, along with some usefull additions. For more details check out a comparison of the TC4 and TC4+.

More information.

Above there is links to more details and ordering information, as well as detailed technical documentation. For more discussion, see the following thread on